Common casework includes:

  • Attending laboratories and reviewing the results reported by another expert
  • Supplying DNA kits for collection of samples, arranging for analysis of the sample for the DNA profile
  • Interpretation of DNA results in relation to a given account of an event

Expert DNA/STA Services Include:

  • DNA profiling including low template / low copy number
  • Interpretation of DNA profiling results
  • Obtaning DNA profiles from items
  • Obtaining DNA from reference samples

DNA/STA services with Emmerson Associaties

Emmerson Associates regularly undertakes work to review scientific findings relating to DNA. This includes the latest techniques, SGM+ as well as SGM and LCN. Complex mixtures interpretation is a speciality. Where appropriate, we can recommend further examination utilising DNA analyses of different types.

Regular solicitors’ instructions require us to visit forensic laboratories or receive items for examination, remove sections of items and arrange for DNA profiling. We can also provide DNA sampling kits for collection of reference samples of DNA from relevant individuals.


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