Tachograph Services Include:

  • Forensic tachograph analysis
  • Microscopic tachograph analysis
  • Route traces & driver’s hours
  • Tachograph regulations
  • Incident data recovery analysis (IDR)

Tachographs services with Emmerson Associaties

Tachograph analysis has become as much a part of ‘Post Collision’ examination as Vehicle Examination.

Collision speeds can be determined by marks or disruptions in the Tachograph recordings on the tachograph chart.

Previous driving quality is also present and can usually show whether a driver has driven normally or has fallen asleep at the wheel (a common night driver’s failing).

Previous charts also show whether the driver has had the correct breaks and rest periods.

Route Tracing is used to prove a driver has or has not been at a particular place and is usually carried out for the more serious crimes i.e murder, rape, theft of load or people trafficking.

In essence, thorough chart analysis can mean the difference between a driver being convicted of an offence or being proven innocent.


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